Quality Assurance

Voltage Quality

From manufacturing to delivery, Voltage products are held to a high standard that adheres to and exceeds industry standards.

Manufacturer Testing

Our engineers identify and mitigate technical production variables within multiple processes executed across the spectrum of Voltage products resulting in excellent manufacturing and performance outcomes.

3rd Party Testing

Multiple internationally recognized testing agencies are utilized such as UL Laboratories and Intertek resulting in the numerous certifications required by our customers and their clients.


The operations team at Voltage not only ensures the products arrive at their final destinations, but also work closely with our industry partners on any quality control details as needed.

Quality Assurance Systems

The quality and reliability of Voltage products that our customers expect with every shipment is the result of numerous in-house raw material tests, and in-production tests. 

Utility scale solar installations are a long-term investment, and you need a partner that will be there to support its products throughout that lifespan. Our strict standards for quality are evidenced by the high confidence and satisfaction expressed by our customers who regard Voltage as not only a long-term and trusted supplier, but also a fully committed business partner.

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