Voltage provides high quality, complete EBOS solutions and services across a broad spectrum of the renewable energy sector. Innovative products such as the leading-edge Voltage LYNX Trunk Bus and “Reel PnP” systems benefit our industry partners through improved budget and labor efficiencies. Being a reputable solutions provider is at the heart of the mission at Voltage to ensure everyone has access to a clean energy future.

Solar Wire / Cables

Industry leading PV Wires and MV Cables - ask our sales team about the multiple options on insulation and construction of wire for your next project.

Wire Assembly

Leading-edge wire harness technologies that enable a "plug-n-play" install right off the reels.

Industrial Cables

Multiple construction and conductor options for the industrial applications in sectors such as wind turbines, battery storage solutions, power cables, building wires, nuclear power cables and marine/submersible pump cables. Inquire with our sales team for more information.

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