String Harness

String Harness Specifications Rated for 1500V PV Systems

String Harness
String Harness Connectors

From site layout drawings, Voltage does "take-offs" and provides customized harness designs. Customized configuration based on different modules and tracker/fixed-tilt racking systems. Different wire sizes utilized after current & voltage drop calculation.

2kV Photovoltaic wire copper

  • 6AWG 8AWG, 10AWG or 12AWG 


  • T/X/Y Kits available


  • Staubli MC4 / EVO2
  • Amphenol H4 / UTX
  • Trina TS4
  • LONGi PV-LR5
  • Jinko PV-JK03M
  • SUNTER – PV-ZH202B
  • Canadian Solar T4-PC 
  • QC 4.10-35
  • Other module matching connectors as specified

In-line Fuses 

  • Fuse options: 2A–50A 
  • Fuse brands: Littelfuse, Merson, DF, Adler 
  • 2kV PV copper wire: #12AWG, #10AWG or #8AWG 
  • Colored wire insulation available 
  • IP68 Rated 
Jumpers & Whips
String Harness In-line Fuses

Jumpers & Whips 

  • Various connectors brands available 
  • Colored wire insulation available 
  • Labeled per customer nomenclature 
  • Pre-cut and assembled homerun source wires and bundled per combiner box unit 
  • Shipped in boxes or on spools 
  • 100% conductivity tested 


  • Reduces on-site assembly 
  • Reduces material consumption 
  • Minimizes site labor and waste 
  • Increases installation efficiency 
  • Reduces installation cost 
  • Module-matching connectors 
  • UL Listed

37% less wire

62% less installation time & less labor needed

5-year guarantee

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