Reel PNP Wiring Solutions

Voltage Reel PnP is a hybrid product and service at the same time. Innovative EBOS solutions propel the industry to new heights resulting in budget and labor savings. The Reel PnP system achieves this through the close collaboration of our engineers with our industry partners in customizing each row and reel to the exact specifications of the installation.

Voltage uses the preliminary drawings to design customized and integrated wiring harnesses. All wiring harnesses, branch connectors, T/Y/X kits, and inline fuses are pre-installed with home run extender and integrated on spools in the factory. Each reel is labeled with designated row identification numbers.

On the job site, customers install the reel on that specific tracker row, laying down the wire harnesses and connecting to the PV modules. The system eliminates costly labor time as well as increases productivity of the overall project.

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